Linking actions to inputs

How to link actions to inputs?

Linking actions to inputs when executing issues will allow to understand if there are pending actions to that input or if has been already created an action about that input. After starting an issue, if it was already created an action in that input, it is possible to see in the input that an action was created. 

This feature will help prevent the creation of duplicated actions in the platform. 

This new functionality can be found in release note version: 0.46.00.

When there are no actions related with the input

You will be able to create a new action and it will become auto-linked to the input.

In order to do that, just click on "Create Action" button on 

A new action window will appear. Fill in the action fields and then click "Save".

After saving the action, by default, the action is linked to the input.

Note: Here it is possible to unlink the action from the input. To do that click on "Unlink from input".

Note: If you create another action, it also gets linked to the input, and goes to the top of the list, by default.

When you return to the issue by clicking on "Go to Issue" button, you will find that a icon with the number of actions associated with that input is in the input header.

An icon with the same information also appears in the top of the issue. 

If you click the action icon, a sidebar will slide in with the actions linked. There, you can select the action and you will be redirected to that action.

On the action window, you can edit and see relevant information like logs that shows when someone linked the action to an existent input, ID of instances and more.

Note: This feature is also available on mobile devices.

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