Release v.0.29.0

February 2023

Version: 0.29.0 - Date: February 2023

New features

  • Screen sharing during a session: It is now possible to easly share your screen during a session on different devices (smartphone and desktop). This feature is available to both users, assisted and assistant, that are having a session, i.e not just the user who is sharing the camera.

For example, this is useful when one of the users wants to demonstrate how to do a process or give extra instructions. Sometimes, it is easier to understand by sharing what is being seen on screen, inside or even outside the platform (eg: other apps, documents or images), offering visual help to the user who is being instructed or to whom the content is being explained. To find more about this new feature click here. 


  • Mobile chat communication
  • User interface design and responsiveness

Bug fixes

  • General bug were fixed on mobile
  • Minor bugs were fixed on user interface

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