Add a completion date to actions

How to add a completion (end) date to actions?

Adding a completion date to an action will allow to attribute an end date on an action when changing its state to "Solved" or "Can't Do". This way it is now possible to enter the correct date on which actions were finished.

This is useful for field executors that are solving actions during the week and choose a specific day to dedicate to office work. For example, when reviewing actions on Friday, those that were closed on Monday can now be set to Monday date. Then you can filter the actions by their conclusion date, and all actions finished on the dates selected will be displayed on the table.

This new functionality can be found in release note version: 0.48.00 and 0.54.00 (mobile)

1. Change action status to "Solved"

Click on the action status arrow and change the label to "Solved" or "Can't Do"

A text box appears with auto-assigned current date. However it is possible to edit it to the real completion date. 

2. Edit completion date

By clicking on the calendar icon you can change the default date to the correct date of when the action was completed. Then just click "Save".

3. Change the date after closing the action

Aafter closing the action and setting its date, you can still change it.  To do this, simply go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Finish Date" calendar icon, and change the date.

Use this element to filter actions

It is possible to use this to filter actions in actions table. Click on "Filter". 

Then go to the bottom of the list and click on "Finish Date" field and define your date filter. 

Adding completion date on mobile

This feature is also available in the mobile app. To do this, simply follow the same process, by changing the status to "Solved" or "Cant Do", and a box will appear where you can indicate the completion date. 

After clicking "Save", the action's completion (or end) date will be registered.

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