Creation of new tabs in the issues or actions agenda

How to create new tabs with custom columns?

It is now possible to create tabs with custom columns in the issues agenda or in the actions agenda. This allows to easily find issues or actions, filter them by different parameters and using only the relevant information that is needed to perform your job.

This new functionality can be found in release note version: 0.50.00.

How to add new tabs

To add a new tab in agenda, jus go click on the "+ Add" button at the top of the table.

After clicking, a new tab will be created with the name "New Tab" and you will receive a notification informing that a new tab has added.

Customize tabs

In the new tab, you will be able to customize it by choosing which columns will appear. To do that, just click on the gear icon on the right side.

Note: The columns should be selected only to this tab. Other tabs keep with default columns.

A menu will appear where you can select which columns you want to be shown in the table.

In addition to this you can then edit the name of the tab or even delete the tab.

To do this, simply click on the three dots icon in front of the tab and choose which option you want. 

To filter the issues agenda the procedure is the same as indicated throughout this document.

If you have any question please contact technical support.

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