Attribute scores to issues

How to attribute a score to an issue in the Augmented & Connected Worker platform?

With this feature is possible to attribute a score to a specific issue conducted in the platform. Each answer on the task is graded with a specific score, making a final total score at the end of the issue. It is possible to access score information in real time and also in reports after the procedure has been performed.

This will enable you to monitor the performance of certain procedures such as 5S Audits or TPM (Total productive maintenance).

Note: The score functionality is only available for multiple selection and selection inputs.

This new functionality can be found in release note version: 0.52.00.

Enabling score option in templates

On the issue template, go to advanced options and click on the icon. 

After clicking on the icon, a side menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Go to "Score in Inputs" and activate option by clicking on the button. 

After enabling the score, a new field will appear in front of the questions options where it will be possible to define the score for each answer.

Define scores for each answer

In front of each answer option, you can choose which score to assign to each answer. By changing the value of the score for the options, the "Max Score" will automatically update.

Note: The "Max Score" varies according to the input type. For example, in a multiple selection input, the max score is the sum of all possible answers, while in a single selection input, the score is only the score of the chosen answer.

Execution with scored issues

When starting an issue, the issue score, and the percentage will appear on the top of the issue, and in the task header. As the issue is completed the score will change in real time.

Note: Also in mobile, when started an issue with score, the score and its percentage is shown next to the progress bar.

Note: Total scores will also be recorded in the reports of the overall issue, as well as each task score.

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